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Rolling Dice (32SII program is also included here)
06-09-2018, 03:05 PM
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Rolling Dice (32SII program is also included here)
One way to simulate a pair of dice being thrown is to generate two random integers between 1 through 6. The integers are either shown as a pair or vector of integers. For calculators that do not have a list capacity or want a more compact representation, the program for the HP 32S II (which can easily apply almost to any other programming calculator), in the format A.0B, where A is one die and B is the other. For example, 3.06 represents a 3 and a 6 being thrown.

The formula would be: RandInt(1,6) + RandInt(1,6)/100

We can also use the Unicode representation of dice.

⚀ 9856 2680
⚁ 9857 2681
⚂ 9858 2682
⚃ 9859 2683
⚄ 9860 2684
⚅ 9861 2685

Unicode characters need to be in strings. The HP Prime program RDICE returns a list, the roll in compact format, along with the Unicode representation. This is only one of many ways to do it.

An example output of RDICE is {4.02, “⚃”, “⚁”}

HP Prime Program: RDICE

// rolling dice A.0B
A≔RANDINT(1,6); C≔9855+A;
B≔RANDINT(1,6); D≔9855+B;

HP 32 SII Program: Dice Generator

D03 6
D04 *
D05 1
D06 +
D07 IP
D08 1
D09 %
D11 6
D12 *
D13 1
D14 +
D15 IP
D16 +

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