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Giac/Xcas: Graph Theory Package
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Giac/Xcas: Graph Theory Package
Quote:This document contains an overview of the library of graph theory commands built in Giac computation kernel and fully supported within Xcas GUI. The library provides an effective and
free replacement for the GraphTheory package in Maple with a high level of syntax compatibility (although there are some minor differences).
For each command, the calling syntax is presented along with the detailed description of its
functionality. Several examples are also supplied to illustrate the usage.
In calling syntax, the square brackets [ and ] are used for specifying that an argument should be a list of particular elements, as well as to indicate that an argument is optional. The character | stands for or.
The algorithms in this library are implemented according to the relevant scientic publications. Although the development focus was on simplicity, the algorithms are reasonably fast since naive implementations were not considered. For some diffcult tasks, such as solving traveling salesman problem, finding graph colorings and graph isomorphism, freely available third party libraries are
used, in particular GNU Linear Programming Kit (GLPK) and nauty. These libraries, included in Giac/Xcas by default, are optional during the compilation. Nevertheless, most commands has no dependencies save Giac itself.

This library was developed and documented by Luka Marohnic). Special thanks go to Bernard Parisse (Institut Fourier, Université Grenoble Alpes), the Giac/Xcas project leader, and Jose Capco for their interest, comments, suggestions and support.



I think that it is not yet possible to add this library in the hpprime, Why?

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