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SZ_Show_Text - graphics alternative to terminal screen
10-19-2018, 10:45 AM (This post was last modified: 10-23-2018 06:57 AM by sasa.)
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SZ_Show_Text - graphics alternative to terminal screen
This is interactive graphics alternative to HP Prime terminal screen in order to show any text content on multiple pages from a program, with line breaking capability, coloring and different font sizes support.


- Cursors to change pages
- Functional on screen menu
Esc : Exit from the view

Calling convention:

SZ_Show_Text(text, font, color_fg, color_bg)

- The text contains array of strings/lines.
- The size of the individual string can be much larger than screen width, in which case is wrapped automatically
- If the line contain only '.NP' it would force next page break. The font is HP Prime font value (0-7)


SZ_Show_Text({"Content1...", "Content2..."}, 2, #FF0000h, #000000h)};

Any comment, suggestion and bug report is appreciated.

EDIT 2018-10-23: New version v1.1. I have reported that latest Virtual Calculator (non-beta) require suffix 'h' for base defined numbers during call from Home/CAS and inside code, in order to avoid syntax error. Thanks.

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09-03-2022, 03:09 AM
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RE: SZ_Show_Text - graphics alternative to terminal screen
I can't understand this app.

Maybe you, the author, can clarify the circumstances where the command can be used.

I cannot use this

SZ_Show_Text({"Hello World"}, 4, #00FF00h, #000000h);

I get:

Error: Invalid Input.

Then I adapt the DEMO program:


export SZ_Show_Text_DEMO()
  local i,t;
t := {

     "SZ_Show_Text by Sasa, 2018-10-17",
     "Interactive graphics alternative to" +
     " HP Prime terminal screen" +
     " in order to show any text" +
     " content on multiple pages from a" +
     " program, with line breaking capability,"+
     " coloring and different font sizes"+
     " support.",

  SZ_Show_Text(t, i, #00FF00h, #000000h);

and it did not work.
Changing the value of variable i to 6, or in alternative changing the text length and only then it works.

Apparently one must seek a way to have long enough text to extend beyond one page, at a given font size for the command to work.

This way it severely caps the function usefullness.
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