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BUG with advanced functions
10-31-2018, 07:25 PM (This post was last modified: 11-03-2018 07:35 PM by compsystems.)
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BUG with advanced functions
Hello, users and developer group of the famous hp-prime calculator
Sorry for my technical english.

I report the problem

Define 2 * X - 3 * Y <= 6 for example in V2 variable and calculator in Spanish language
When pressing the [num] the table of values informs TRUE but in Spanish it is "Verdadero" and FALSE "Falso" in previous versions this did not happen.

Now You can also define the functions from CAS mode

V2(X,Y) := (2*X-3*Y)≤6 [Enter] returns (X,Y)->(2*X-3*Y)≤6 // ok
right(V2) [Enter](2*X-3*Y)≤6 // ok
then we want to see the solutions
solve(right(V2),X) [Enter] returns {X≤((3*Y+6)/2)} // ok
solve(right(V2),Y) [Enter] returns {Y≥((2*X-6)/3)} // ok
solve(right(V2),X,'=') [Enter] failure [[]]
solve(right(V2),Y,'=') [Enter] failure [[]]

Another case

V1(X,Y) := (X²/3 - Y²/5 = 1) [Enter] returns (X,Y)->(((X^2/3)-(Y^2/5))==1) // Bug, since == implies comparison)

in previous versions returned (X,Y)->(((X^2/3)-(Y^2/5))=1)

right(V1) [Enter] returns 0 -> false // Bug because it evaluates the comparison (((X^2/3)-(Y^2/5)) == 1 is false

in the last Versión: 2.1.14181 (2018 10 16) The problem still persists.

V1(X,Y) := (X²/3 - Y²/5 = 1) [Enter] returns 0 (synonyms of false)

solve(right(V1),Y,'=') [Enter] returns a previous message "Warning, argument is not an equation, solving V1=00" then [[]]

solve(right(V1),Y,) [Enter] returns a previous message "Warning, argument is not an equation, solving ((X²/3-Y²/5)==1 )=0" then {(-1/3)*sqrt(15)*sqrt(X^2-3), (1/3)*sqrt(15)*sqrt(X^2-3)}


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