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82240 Details - New 'old?'
11-05-2018, 12:03 AM
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82240 Details - New 'old?'
Perhaps this has been documented before:
(perhaps in an older doc I could not find.)

1. When the 82240A is in 'Self Test' mode (i.e after receiving <27 254>) - continuously running the character set printout, pressing the LF key on the printer pauses this process.

2. The 'Character Cell' is 5 pixels wide by 7 pixels tall. There are two pixels after each character for spacing - except the 24th character. Thus 24 x (5 +2) - 2 = 166 pixels wide. There is one row of pixels below eash character line. This 8th row below is used for inter-line spacing and character descenders (lower case y and others). When this row is used, it is immediately adjacent to the top row of pixels in the next line.

ps: It can't hurt to be reminded - when using the 82240A in graphics mode to remove OLDPRT mapping.
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