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"simplex_reduce" for Nonstandard Problems
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"simplex_reduce" for Nonstandard Problems
Created CAS Vars pivmat(m,r,c):=CAS(pivot(CAS(mRow(1/m(r,c),m,r)),r,c)) to work in Home and CAS views. Used pivmat to create a feasible starting point for linear programming problems not meeting simplex_reduce restrictions for matrix and vector shown in its Help screen.

You can type pivmat code directly into CAS View. I also put a specific youtube video on the Prime Academy | Learning Center page to explain process of adding CAS Vars using HP Prime Connectivity Kit to a physical calculator. Kit can use loading emulator backup or copy and pasting into a shell CAS Var program sent by the physical calculator to the Kit. Then saving the Kit's edited program back to the calculator. In this YouTube video go to 1:42 to see process for CAS Vars loaded in the PC or Mac emulator. Go to beginning to see loading emulator by copy and paste.

If you are using PC or Mac emulator, lite / free or Pro Apple, Android, Windows app, using copy and paste of above pivmat code directly into the CAS view is the easiest way to add pivmat.

xcas documentation referred to using a single matrix as the input for simplex_reduce. Note that for linear programming problems meeting the restrictions a single matrix worked as well as the matrix coefficents, vector constraints, and vector objective variables expression parameters.

Use simplex_reduce with the feasible matrix arrived from iterations with pivmat. Feasible matrix, starting point for xcas / HP Prime was reached when all variables in the pivmat formed matrix were positive.

See maximum example and minimum example of how to use pivmat with simplex_reduce to solve greater than / equal to and equal to restrictions.
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