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Trapezoidal Channel Calculator (revised 8/3/19)
07-12-2019, 03:12 AM (This post was last modified: 09-10-2019 11:36 PM by Gene222.)
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Trapezoidal Channel Calculator (revised 8/3/19)
A simple trapezoidal channel calculator. Uses fsolve to solve Manning's flow and critical depth equations. For rectangular channels, use a side slope z=0. For triangular channels, use a bottom width b=0.

[7/13/19] Added the calculation of the average shear stress. Added "clear the inputs" to the "Solve" selection box. Revised the program to exit the program when the "cancel" tab is press on the input screen.

[8/3/19] Added a separate calculator for Manning's velocity equation. To switch to the Manning's velocity equation calculator, select "use vel. equation" in the Solve selection box on the INPUT screen, and press the OK tab. The output was revised to show more information about the trapezoidal channel.

Reference: Fed. Highway Admin., Hydraulic Design Series No. 4, Introduction to Highway Hydraulics, June 2008, Section 4.3 entitled "Steady Uniform Flow".

[Image: Trap2.png]

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