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reference to HP-41 Modulo function
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reference to HP-41 Modulo function
pg. 295, Chapter 14 in THE MASTER HANDBOOK OF ACOUSTICS, F. Alton Everest, FOURTH EDITION, McGraw-Hill, (2001) {0-07-136097-2.}
… "The Hewlett-Packard HP-41C hand-held calculator has the modulo function in memory. As an example, for n = 12, p = 19. Equation 14-1 becomes 144 modulo 19, which becomes a bit messy to do by hand. The HP-41C solves this easily. In an appendix of Schroeder’s excellent book a modulo program for calculators is included."
… pg. 315 "Schroeder, M.R., Number Theory in Science and Communication, 2nd enlarged ed., Berlin, Springer (1986)."
from aforementioned
pg. 29 "Explicit instructions for calculator programs described in the text are given in the Appendix."
pg. 67 "A little pocket calculator program based on (5.32) is given in the Appendix."
pg. 74 "… the Lucas numbers, computed according to (5.54), are included in the calculator program in the Appendix …"
pg. 93 "In the Appendix, we give a little program suitable for pocket calculators for obtaining the n⒦."
pg. 123 "The calculation of 13023 (mod 187) was done with the pocket calculator program mentioned earlier; it is described in the Appendix."
pg. 211 "The horrendous expression on the left side of (19.23) was calculated with the calculator program listed in the Appendix."
pg. 342 "A. A Calculator Program for Exponentiation and Residue Reduction" note a:
pg. 345 "B. A Calculator Program for Calculating Fibonacci and Lucas Numbers" note b:
pg. 346 "C. A Calculator Program for Decomposing an Integer According to the Fibonacci Number System" note c:

Most interesting linkage, yes?


a: check thread in HP-41C Software Library
b: check thread in HP-41C Software Library
c: check thread in HP-41C Software Library
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