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HP Prime Lite app no longer in iTunes store
09-20-2019, 02:45 AM
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HP Prime Lite app no longer in iTunes store
Sadly, this was the version of the app that worked. The broken (10 months and counting) Pro version is still available, for those who want an expensive scientific calculator that skilled (or unlucky) users can close instantly.
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RE: HP Prime Lite app no longer in iTunes store
Sadly not available at Android store as well. Window store still has free model.

I wrote my Prime Academy | Learning Center so that students could try the lite/free model out before purchasing the physical calculator or Pro App. In my opinion pulling the lite models is going to hurt their sales of physical calculators. Not sure it well help the Pro App much. Since most phone students won't be willing to spend $20 Android - $25 iOS on the HP App.

Since most teachers plus the College Board SAT and Advanced Placement tests will not let students use a phone or tablet, the lite version was a great marketing tool to help HP cut in to TI hold on the American educational market. Learn it for Free on your phone, buy the physical calculator for class or College Board SAT test and their Advanced Placement Calculus, Statistics, Physics and Chemistry exams!

I just put together a complete tab on my site for finite math using any HP Prime calculator or the HP lite/free/Pro app. Too bad the lite/free iOS and Android is no longer listed, as I made my finite math work on any HP Prime device, including lite-free iOS and Android. I think this lite-free would have helped physical sales for classroom sets of physical calculators and individual classroom standalone units by users who used the free phone version to get started.

Finite math is practical use of Algebra II (College Algebra) and the Prime Academy | Learning Center Finite Math drop down fly out menu with 90 YouTube videos that could be used in all the high school markets as well. To me the Finite Math tab section is a great marketing tool for college and high school HP Prime users. Nothing better than free to get people hooked.

My TI-89, TI-83,84, TI-85,86 versions of the Finite Math, Applied Calculus, College Algebra, and Precalculus has been included on the CD in over 1,000,000 Cengage textbooks.

I like the HP Prime and TI-Nspire also. Since they all have phones, I was trying with HP Prime to help give all students a chance with their math. Calculator CAS plus Calculator Apps was a huge benefit for my non-mathematical students in my classes.

Hopefully HP will see the benefit of Lite/free to aid the sales of their new G2 physical calculator.
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