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PLANCK Functions & Integrals; methods of computation
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PLANCK Functions & Integrals; methods of computation
Excerpts from PLANCK FUNCTIONS AND INTEGRALS; METHODS OF COMPUTATION, Thomas E. Michels, Goddard Space Flight Center (NASA)

Black-body radiation is investigated with emphasis placed on a solution of the Planck integral … suitable for computer and hand calculation. A computer program using this method has been included as well as graphs and tables of Planck functions and Planck integrals …

In practically any area of physics related to radiation pyrometry, spectroscopy, radiative transfer, or any other area of study of electromagnetic radiation, a need for the knowledge of the black-body spectrum is needed.

With these thoughts in mind, it was realized that it would be beneficial to have available a short concise reference on black-body radiation, including useful tables of related Planck functions and, as well, a numerical solution for computer and hand calculation of the total intensity seen over a specified range of the spectrum.

A solution of the integral
| Βλ,τ dλ
is presented for computer and hand calculation, and a listing of a function subprogram employing this method is presented in Appendix D.

Appendix B
Black-Body Radiation Constants and Formulas

Appendix C
Tables of Normalized Planck Functions, Planck Integrals,
Total Intensity, and Maximum Intensity

Appendix D
FORTRAN IV Subprogram to compute"

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10-29-2019, 02:27 PM
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RE: PLANCK Functions & Integrals; methods of computation
Very nice, thanks!

It prompted me to search for other sources, like this one: "Integration of Planck's Radiation Equation"

Time to digest the theory...
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