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Some suggestions for HP
12-22-2019, 09:26 PM (This post was last modified: 12-22-2019 09:51 PM by HP User.)
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Some suggestions for HP
I could probably make a much larger enumeration, but let me make a short one for now (hastily written):

Visuals or Better Printing
  • more distinction for the { and } symbols (especially horizontally);
  • better distinction for superscript symbols (e.g. in cases of ^ and nsqrt);
  • if fount size sufficiently large, maybe have small founts for ^nd symbols, but generally find a way to make it look more like a textbook form (you usually use smaller symbols in some cases);
  • give option to choose mathematical symbols (e.g. a · or × instead of *, etc.);
  • give options to choose statistical symbols in stats overview;
  • don't replace my calculation/line with something it was not (e.g. you insert a * after I press Enter); keep it like I put it, if valid.

Operation, Control
  • press and release template button once to immediately make fraction template;
  • hold template button to popup template menu (normally done with one press);
  • press template button once to make fraction with already entered information;
  • better detection and standard settings for the () button and contexts, if possible;
  • hold () button shortly to place opening (, and hold longer to place closing );
  • give template popup menu shortcut buttons to more quickly choose one;
  • give better standard templates, e.g. an already entered letter for product notation, the cursor starting at the placeholder to its right, and quicker navigation (sometimes Up moves the curdor from =... to the right);
  • all templates accept fitting already entered info (like a number) immediately, if applicable.

That's my suggestions list for now. Please, HP, heed a caring customer. Even better, hire me and give me money to bring you ideas to implement Wink
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12-22-2019, 09:54 PM
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RE: Some suggestions for HP
Okay, I noticed the sticky thread. Am I supposed to put this list in a post there?
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