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(SR-52) TRAPS-52 [highway impact on air quality assessment]
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(SR-52) TRAPS-52 [highway impact on air quality assessment]
An excerpt from TRAPS-52 User's Guide--Analytical and Experimental Assessment of Highway Impact on Air Quality, USDoT, FHWA, Texas DoH&P Transportation, Transportation Planning Division, Texas Transportation Institute, Texas A&M University, Research Report 218-3, 1974:09-1978:02, 23 pages

Data from essentially all previous experimental programs were used to develop and verify an improved roadway dispersion model. The TRAPS 52 model presented here is based on the TRAPS II model. The latter was modified from the original TRAPS model by replacing an iterative step in that program with a fitted fourth degree polynomial in order to increase calculational speed. In addition, the virtual origin is now calculated by direct iteration rather than the secant method used in the original model. The development of the TRAPS series of models is presented along with the coding for the use of TRAPS 52 on a Texas Instruments SR 52 hand held programmable calculator. The TRAPS 52 coding requires the use of 3 magnetic cards. The variables required from the user are fully explained, along with the variables output to the user. The program limitations are also explained and two examples using the TRAPS 52 model are included.

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