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(SR-52) Stress-Strain Relation paperboard in edgewise compression
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(SR-52) Stress-Strain Relation paperboard in edgewise compression
An excerpt from Method analyzes analogue plots of paperboard stress-strain data, USDA Forest Service, Forest Products Laboratory, Tappi/April 1982, Vol. 65, No. 4, pgs. 104-108 & 131-133

 One of the most important properties of paperboard is characterized by the analogue plot of stress vs. strain obtained from an edgewise compression loading test. A method is given for determining the average stress-strain curve for a group of curves by the use of representative models. An approximate method also allows data to be read from a stress-strain curve so the analysis can be performed with a hand calculator.

… A method for analyzing continuous trace data (curves) is presented in this paper. To do this the curve is reduced to a two-parameter model. Individual fits between the model and each trace are characterized by the parameter estimates obtained from a regression analysis. Ultimately it is possible to obtain a single pair of parameter estimates representative of all the traces. The accuracy of the results is represented by a confidence region surrounding the estimates.

… The procedure given in this paper uses a computer or a hand calculator and is more objective. Moreover, a specific stress-strain curve is given that works very well in a computer program for calculating the edgewise compressive strength of corrugated fiberboard …

 Stress-strain relation for paperboard in edgewise compression
  Program for SR-52 calculator
This program is useful to papermakers for analyzing the edgewise compressive behavior of paperboard. It determines the coefficients to a formula that characterizes the stress-strain relation of paperboard tested in edgewise compression. The Forest Products Laboratory uses the results of this program to calculate the theoretical effects of different paperboards on corrugated box top-to-bottom compressive strength.

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