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Calculator for electronic/firmware engineers
01-28-2020, 11:58 AM
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RE: Calculator for electronic/firmware engineers
(01-26-2020 09:28 PM)Dave Britten Wrote:  If you're looking at the DM42, I wrote a program for it (and the 42S, and Free42) that mimics the Casio engineering symbols.

Wow, thanks, that's fantastic! Thanks.
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01-28-2020, 12:01 PM
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RE: Calculator for electronic/firmware engineers
(01-27-2020 10:05 PM)Hlib Wrote:  
(01-13-2020 01:23 PM)kuro68k Wrote:  I've been looking for a calculator for use in electronic and firmware engineering for ages. I'm thinking of features like:
- SI unit support, including input
- Decent hexadecimal support
- Binary/hex/decimal conversion with editor
- CRC calculation
- Built in formulas for common circuits .....
Were there ever any calculators designed for engineers like me?

It is difficult to add anything new to all of the above. Calculator for the ages is unlikely to be released now. I would recommend some modern CASIO: you will find almost everything in it except the built-in formulas for calculating electric circuits; these calculators are cheap and relatively durable at the present time; the easy-to-call soft menu allows you to work with the necessary symbols/conversions to 1...3 keystrokes.
There is a spreadsheet mode, support for SI units and non-system units.
[Image: 29347456_m.jpg] [Image: 29347516_m.jpg]

Casios are very good. The colour ones have better screens which makes the text more readable, although TBH all calculators are pretty poor on that front.
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01-29-2020, 02:17 PM
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RE: Calculator for electronic/firmware engineers
(01-26-2020 06:55 PM)kuro68k Wrote:  
(01-25-2020 08:14 PM)Csaba Tizedes Wrote:  I don't understand exactly, I guess you know how to use the [EXP] or [×10^x] key.
As mechanical engineer this is the fastest way to keying prefixes, but the mechanical engineers mainly use kilo-, mega- and milli-, micro- prefixes (no pico-, femto- and strange others Wink ).

Yeah, sorry, I should have put [EXP], that's the key I meant. So say you want to microfarads, a common unit for capacitors, it's [EXP][9][NEG] I think, is that right?

Actually I say a nice Casio with dual ENG buttons, one for "up" and one for "down". I should have bought it.

HP 50g can emulate the CASIO ENG key, also with the UTool + Unitman combination you will have the best management system for the measurement units:

The HP Prime can also emulate the CASIO ENG key:

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