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New Update - Thanks
05-29-2014, 02:41 AM
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New Update - Thanks
Thanks for the new update - - I love the pinch and zoom for graphs!

All my PPL programs were preserved, but I lost my CAS programs (luckily, they were backed up). I did notice that in CAS, CONCAT(5,6) still returns 0 - - but CONCAT(5,6,7) returns [5 6 7] - - as it should.

Also, the error trapping for pa2b2 still doesn't work, so

IFERR pa2b2(c)

THEN . . do this

ELSE . . do that


doesn't catch an argument c which is not congruent to 1 mod 4 - - in other words, the error message ". . .Error: Bad Argument Value" comes up and cannot be suppressed, and the program never gets to execute the THEN clause.

Oh, and I found out I have hardware version "A" - - just my luck.

All in all, though - - great job!
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