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(SR-52) 5° Polynomial Curve Fit (MMD)
03-16-2020, 01:46 PM
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(SR-52) 5° Polynomial Curve Fit (MMD)
An extract from Survey & Experimental Testing of Nongravimetric Measurement Devices, Final Report, Contract No. NAS 9-14941, SwRI Project 16-4498, June 1977

"D. Demonstration of a Direct Mass Readout System

The Texas Instruments SR52 calculator was chosen for use in the system. The following functions were evaluated …

Direct Mass Readout Calibration Procedure - -
5th Degree Polynomial Curve - -
for Mass Measurement Devices

1. Enter program "READ T²" into calculator.
2. Manually record five readings of period for each of five calibration masses into plus the mass.
3. Throw out one of the five readings for each of the six calibration points. The reading thrown out should be the T² which deviates the most from the apparent average.
4. Average each set of the four T² readings and manually record.
5. Read into the calculator program POLY 1 and follow directions from the recording form.
6. Read into the calculator program POLY 2 and follow directions from the coding form."

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