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HP PRIME version from SN?
03-22-2020, 08:10 PM
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RE: HP PRIME version from SN?
(03-22-2020 06:34 PM)Orome Wrote:  
(03-22-2020 06:32 PM)rprosperi Wrote:  If the answer is still yes, then I'd conclude the CK indeed can't connect with f/w that old, which wouldn't be surprising...

That sounds right. I bought that one pretty much the instant Primes were available, so it's about as early as they can get, I expect.

BTW, there are older versions of the CK (from that same time) available so if it's really important to connect with a machine that old, you could remove the current CK and install a really old one, do your thing, then swap back to the newer versions. IIRC the backup format changed at some point as well, so they likely aren't compatible, but hopefully Tim or Cyrille will see this and confirm so (or not). The original CK versions pre-date Win-10 (and newer releases of macOS) so it's feasible there is trouble installing it, but I'd guess you can probably work through that.

--Bob Prosperi
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