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(SR-56) Problem Solving with … (2/3) network solving
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(SR-56) Problem Solving with … (2/3) network solving
An excerpt from Network Solving with the Programmable Calculator, George W. Ing, Broadcast Management Engineering, January 1978 {pgs. 78-82}

"THE FIRST ARTICLE IN THIS SERIES dealt with using a modestly priced, pocket size Texas Instruments SR -56 programmable calculator to solve simple broadcast engineering problems where repetitious calculations are involved.
  Now we will undertake more complex calculations for the purpose of designing L, T and Pi networks. A multi-element directional antenna system, with different day and night patterns, may use a score or more of such networks, especially the T variety. Often, revised calculations must be done in the field.
  Since the calculator instruction book gives detailed instructions on how to program, we will touch only briefly on the method. The illustrations for this article are taken from the writer's notebook. The programs shown may be used, of course, without studying the method. If you have an SR -56, merely press the keys shown under "Program Keystrokes" reading from left to right. Execution keystrokes are shown for typical examples. A large number of keystrokes are used in setting up these formidable appearing programs, but each program only takes a minute or two to set up, and thereafter you may solve any L, T or Pi network which is to be used for matching between resistive terminations. In keeping with the usual practice in designing phasing and coupling networks, the coil resistances are ignored …"

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