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(48) Bridge Engineer software
05-18-2020, 02:16 PM
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(48) Bridge Engineer software
source:Free HP-48 software for Bridge Engineers, Ted Cashin

The following are some programs for the HP48 calculator that I have written. Documentation is included in the zip files in text format and Word '97 format. The Word '97 documentation has the program, pictures, and explanation. The programs are written in User RPL so they will run on the HP-49G series as well and you can edit them. Programs are ready to be transferred by serial cable to HP-48. For the the 49G+ and 50G you can use the files ending in .sd and transfer them from a SD card individually. Alternatively, the files ending in .sdf are entire folders and include all the files. Please reassure yourself that they work properly before you go using them for actual bridges and stuff. If you're looking for additional software, I highly recommend and if you need help try the newsgroup.

Vertical Curve Programs
This set of programs allows the user to input roadway grade date and then get slopes, elevations, and low (or high) points on the curve. It will accept only one curve at a time but multiple curves can be stored by name and recalled with the Open command (included). Also see the Palm version.

Reinforced Concrete Beam Analysis
This set of programs finds moment capacity of reinforced concrete beams using AASHTO bridge design specifications (which aren't terribly different from ACI specs). Included are a standard rectangular beam with tension reinforcement only, t-beam analysis, and analysis of a beam with compression reinforcement. Be very careful using these because there is a lot more to designing a beam than what this program will do. Also included is a shear capacity program.

Section Properties
This program will find the area, centroid, and moment of inertia of irregular sections. It can not handle curves or circles but is very useful when designing a non-standard prestressed beam. This can be a big time saver.

Coordinate Transformation
A set of programs that allows you to convert points to a new system of Cartesian coordinates given coordinates of two points in both systems. It also includes programs that work sort of like the R-P and P-R functions on the HP41.

Feet Inches and Sixteenths Conversion
With metrication these programs will soon be obsolete, but they sure are nice for now. Included are conversions from ff.iiss to decimal feet and then back as well as two programs that allow you to add and subtract numbers in the ff.iiss format.

Live Load Distribution
Given a simple span lengths behind and ahead this program will give you a reaction for one line of wheels over a bent. I use this to get a p-load to input into the pier program. Checks standard truck and lane loads. Includes impact and calculates an average impact fraction so that this can be left off for the footing design.

ASCII to HP 48 ASCII Translator
For use with Emu48, the HP 48 Emulator for Win95 and NT, allows you to load a file that has ASCII translation codes in it (e.g. \>= instead of the greater than or equals symbol) and convert those translation codes into HP48 characters.
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