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(SR-52) Real Determinants
06-16-2020, 04:08 PM
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(SR-52) Real Determinants
An excerpt from Programmable Calculator Evaluation of Real Determinants, Interface Age, May 1980 (pgs 104-107), M. Patt & L. Fisher {University of Lowell}

" … pocket calculator program … presented for use with the Texas Instruments Model SR-52 (Algebraic) … self-contained and complete, fits on a single magnetic card … enable an operator to quickly evaluate real determinants of sizes two-by-two through six-by-six … most accurate when all determinant elements are integers. Errors are generally less than 0.001 % for a six-by-six (worst case) determinant with all integer elements.
The program written for the SR-52 calculator evaluates the determinant by a modified Gaussian elimination process. Through the systematic addition of rows, this procedure develops a lower-triangular matrix whose determinant is equal to that of the original matrix. The determinant is then evaluated by taking the trace (product of elements on the diagonal) of the lower-triangular matrix … "

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