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(TI-59) Southern Pine Site Index
08-19-2020, 01:10 AM
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(TI-59) Southern Pine Site Index
An excerpt from Computation of Southern Pine Site Index Using a TI-59 Calculator, USDA-Forest service, Southern Forest Experiment Station, GTR SO-48, SEP 1983

"                                        SUMMARY
  A program is described that permits computation of site index in the field
using a Texas Instruments model TI-59 programmable, hand-held, battery-
powered calculator. Based on a series of equations developed by R.M. Farrar,
Jr., for the site index curves in USDA Miscellaneous Publication 50, the
program can accommodate any index base age, tree age, and height within wide
limits for the four principal southern pine species: loblolly (Pinus taeda L.),
longleaf (P. palustrls Mill,), shortleaf (P, enehinata Mill.) and slash pine
(P. elliottii Engelm.), Small errors in estimating average stand age or height
cause large errors in estimating site index, especially for young stands. The
program is used to explore the sensitivity of site index estimates to age and
height errors …
… a sensitivity analysis of site index estimates is reported that illustrates the
inaccuracy resulting from small errors in determining stand age and stand height …

  The calculator program presented here (appendix, Program Listing) uses
coefficients Farrar (1975) developed to describe site index curves in
Miscellaneous Publication 50 … " 

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