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(PC-1500) Deflections of Uniformly Loaded Floors
08-22-2020, 11:50 AM
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(PC-1500) Deflections of Uniformly Loaded Floors
An excerpt from Deflections of Uniformly Loaded Floors, a Beam-Apring Analog, USDA-Forest Service, Research Paper FPL 449, SEP 1984, 17 pages

" Abstract

A new method for computing the performance of uniformly loaded wood floors is presented. The procedure presents a floor as a simple structure consisting of a beam supported by elastic springs. The method computes midspan joist deflections which are virtually identical to those obtained from a large-scale finite element program, but at a fraction of the computational effort. Also, computations agree very closely with laboratory results. A simple BASIC program is presented for implementing the procedure.

The following BASIC program implements the method presented. It is written to run on a Sharp model 1500 pocket computer but can easily be modified for other machines. The program prompts for input data and requires that all units be consistent; e.g., if span is in inches, then joist dimensions must also be in inches, and if joist E is in pounds per square inch, then uniform load must also be in pounds per square inch, not pounds per square foot. "

FULLY illustrated & documented!

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