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(25) Deus Ex Machina
09-11-2020, 11:49 AM
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(25) Deus Ex Machina
An extract from Space Gamer, Number 32, Calculator Play Aids, October 1980, pages 18-21

"This month, instead of …
… regular column, we have a special
guest column on calculators in wargames
              HP-25 At War
  Programming a calculator is simple.
Anyone can do It. lust to prove my
point, here are three programs for the
Hewlett-Packard HP-25 which I managed
to come up with, If you own an HP-25,
these will be Immediately useful to you.
If you own any other brand of calculator,
you can no doubt adapt these programs
with a minimum of trouble. If you don't
even own a programmable, at least you'll
be moderately exposed to the great Light
which the silcon chip is dishing out upon
the world.
  The three programs are - LINE OF
More can be done with programmable
calculators. My HP·25, once the proud
pioneer of its kind to find general usage,
is now slipping into obsolescence. New
models have vast improvemnts in mem-
ories and speed. Some come with audible
beepers or musical capability. Some can
spell, and no doubt some will be speaking
passable English in a short while. But the
real frontier lies with algorithms - the
formulae or programs which the calcu-
lator uses to analyse its information and
perform an output. "

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