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(TI-81) Calculator Enhanced Instruction (selected materials)
10-27-2020, 12:39 PM
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(TI-81) Calculator Enhanced Instruction (selected materials)
An extract from Selected Materials from a Calculator Enhanced Instruction Project by … Educational Institutions, National Science Foundation, NSF-DUE-9252491, ED 381 343, SE 055 994, OCT 94,

"                          ABSTRACT
This booklet contains a representative sample of the efforts of colleagues at 11 institutions to use graphing calculators to enhance the teaching of calculus and precalculus. The first section contains examples of graphs for teachers to choose from for presentations, including: simple examples to illustrate some standard ideas in precalculus, examples of graphs for which the window choice is critical and a knowledge of mathematics is essential for predicting hidden behavior, and examples that produce interesting shapes. The next sections contain generic and machine specific worksheets for calculus and precalculus. Next is a section that contains original programs for both the TI-81 and HP-48S calculators. A section to acquaint students with the use of the TI-81, HP-48G, and HP-48S concludes the booklet.


  Precalculus Worksheets

         TI-81              30-51

  Calculus Worksheets

         TI-81              63-67


         TI-81              80-91

  Getting Acquainted

         TI-81             96-103

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