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(SR-56) Numerical Quadrature
11-04-2020, 11:53 AM
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(SR-56) Numerical Quadrature
An extract from Cambered Jet-Flapped Airfoil Theory with Tables and Computer Programs for Applications, AFSC (WPAFB), TR AFFDL-TR-77-63. SEP 1977.

     A quadrature method is derived … integrals involved must be evaluated by numerical methods … relatively simple computational machinery such as a pocket electronic calculator may be employed for the quadrature method … numerical integration is the principal computation … Included in the report are program listings for numerical quadrature for an arbitrary number and spacing of abscissae for key-programmable pocket electronic calculator… employing … algebraic logic systems.

     Although a computer program for machine computation is included in Appendix H, the principal emphasis is upon automatic hand computation. This is largely because of the wide availability of programmable pocket calculators. The capabilities of … key-programmable … Texas Instruments SR-56 … were particularly influential in establishing the level of complexity of the quadrature formula selected and presented in Appendix E. The formula of Appendix E employs a quadratic interpolating polynomial for the integrand, arbitrary nonequal abscissae spacings and an arbitrary number of abscissae. Program listings and run instructions for use of this formula on the … SR-56 calculator … given in Appendix F

     A numerical quadrature formula for an arbitrary number of unequally spaced abscissae is developed in this appendix.
Referring to Fig. 4 , the integral under consideration is …

     The algorithm. presented in Appendix E is implemented in this appendix with program listings for the … Texas Instruments SR-56 calculator … typify the commonly used … algebraic logic systems.

     In the run instructions given below for the aforementioned programs, the following symbology is used. A nonunderlined term is the symbolic representation of numeric data to be input. An underlined term is an exact or abbreviated representation of the symbol on the calculator key to be pressed. {pg-44} "

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