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2D covariance, elipse Geodesy
12-29-2021, 12:35 PM
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2D covariance, elipse Geodesy
2D Covariance matrix, elipse calculator with all elements.
Input values of Cx matrix (2x2, or 4x4 ) into default matrix memory M1
For 4x4 Enter Variance matrix into M2

To calculate the standard axis for elipse use the Elipsa gresaka 21 (4x4), or for (2x2) use Elipsa21-2x2

To calculate the axis values for chi or Fisher distribution use Chi_Fi, enter the values of CX in M1, and the values of Chi and Fisher in start of the program.

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.hpprgm  Elipsa_Gresaka-4x4_Chi_F.hpprgm (Size: 4.59 KB / Downloads: 5)
.hpprgm  Elipsa_Gresaka-2x2_Chi_Fi.hpprgm (Size: 3.24 KB / Downloads: 5)
.hpprgm  Elipsa21-2x2.hpprgm (Size: 2.62 KB / Downloads: 5)
.hpprgm  Elipsa_Gresaka21.hpprgm (Size: 3.73 KB / Downloads: 5)
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