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Repeating Groundtrack Orbit Design
09-11-2022, 09:57 AM
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Repeating Groundtrack Orbit Design
This HP Prime program estimates the time required for an Earth satellite to repeat its ground track. The mean orbital elements are propagated using Kozai’s algorithm and the user can select a closure tolerance for the ground track.

The user-defined inputs for the program are "hard-wired" in the source code according to the following format;

// user-defined classical orbital elements

// semimajor axis (kilometers)

oev1(1) := 8000.0;

// orbital eccentricity (non-dimensional)

oev1(2) := 0.0;

// orbital inclination (radians)

oev1(3) := dtr * 28.5;

// argument of perigee (radians)

oev1(4) := dtr * 0.0;

// RAAN (radians)

oev1(5) := dtr * 0.0;

// true anomaly (radians)

oev1(6) := dtr * 0.0;

// user-defined closure tolerance (degrees)
// (a value between 0.1 and 0.5 degrees is recommended));

tol := 0.1;

The user should edit these inputs for their own simulation.

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