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Solving the Hohmann transfer with the HP Prime
09-13-2022, 05:23 PM
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Solving the Hohmann transfer with the HP Prime
// program hohmann HP Prime

// September 13, 2022

// this program solves the Hohmann two impulse orbital transfer
// between planar and non-coplanar circular Earth orbits


This program will request the altitude and orbital inclinations of the initial and final orbits with the following prompts. Please note the proper units for each input.

// request altitude of initial circular orbit (kilometers)

INPUT(alt1, "Hohmann transfer", "alt1 = ", "enter initial altitude in kilometers");

// request altitude of final circular orbit (kilometers)

INPUT(alt2, "Hohmann transfer", "alt2", "enter final altitude in kilometers");

// request inclination of initial circular orbit (degrees)

INPUT(inc1, "Hohmann transfer", "inc1 = ", "enter initial inclination in degrees");

// request inclination of final circular orbit (degrees)

INPUT(inc2, "Hohmann transfer", "inc2 = ", "enter final inclination in degrees");

A PDF document which describes the orbital mechanics of the Hohmann transfer is included in the zip archive.

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