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Some notes on Geometry App
08-09-2014, 11:18 AM
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Some notes on Geometry App
I've tried to get myself educated on Geometry App. Seems pretty impressive. It also seems that my manual is somewhat outdated (there are several versions of the Prime Manual, but they are hard to distinguish - there is no firmware or version number or date to tell them apart. At least I can't find it...). In random order:

- Enter or Backspace when no object is selected doesn't display a list of points to choose from (as described in the manual).

- Point's coordinates display in a+b*i notation. I don't know how to change is to (a,b) type.

- Toolbox/App/Geometry enter function names capitalized, which doesn't seem to work (e.g. Slope(GA) doesn't work for me, but slope(GA) does). Toolbox/Cataloge seems to have it right.

- Keyboard shortcuts seem to be always on now, which is ok, but I can't find the UNDO shortcut (or any other way to undo deletion for example) anymore.

- Long numerical results, when displayed in Plot view are truncated (on the right) and there is no way of displaying them correctly.

- Object labels are always in maroon? colour, regardless of the object colour. With man objects on the screen, even if they are colored differently, it's hard to tell which label is which.

- Also, labels maroon colour is the same maroon as objects being about to be selected (i.e. tapping on an object before pressing Enter) - makes it hard to see what's selected.

- Triangle's label is on top (or bottom) of one of it's vertices labels - obstructed.

- When Trace is engaged (from Menu), no entry in Symbolic view for trace is created (perhaps by design, but different from what I would expect).

- 'element of' and 'vector' entries are gone from the menu.
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08-13-2014, 02:25 AM
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RE: Some notes on Geometry App
Two more questions/issues:

- in Num view, wen Variables are selected, they are no longer categorized. So for example if there are 3 points, 3 lines and 3 circles drawn (not necesserily in that order), Var button will list: GA, GB, GC, GD, GE, GF, GG, GH, GI objects - it is hard to remember which one is which, without going back to Plot or Symb screen to see what they are.

- how can I deal with vectors in Geo App? I think it would be quite nice to be able to demonstrate how vectors are added, negated, multiplied and translated to students there.

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