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DB9 Socket_Lead SharpEL9950
01-31-2023, 09:34 PM
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DB9 Socket_Lead SharpEL9950
B9 /2.5mm stereo jack connector for Sharp EL9950 I used a Casio SB62 Unit-To-Unit Data Cable For Graphic Calculators from Science Studio ( 95 pence) cut in to two, makes 2 leads ( note wiring is different colour codes at both ends( red and white cross over), I made up 2 special left and right hand plugs with recessed strain relief ( when potting first block around the inside of the cable with Bluetack to stop flow of potting affecting strain relief). When assembling remember to feed the wire into the back of the housing and out the front before soldering up ( I would recommend testing the unit before potting). There are 2 STL files attached for the housing shown, the threaded inserts have the hole cleared out to 3mm before melting into position, and flushing off with a smooth metal block to cool in position, the cable hole will likely require opening up to 3mm to allow you to insert the cable. I replaced the thumb screws on the USB adapter with M3 x40mm screws ( note original thumb screws are not M3). I found that right and left options can be handy and the original lead I was using was so long it kept getting caught under my chair castors plus the Casio lead has at least one parasitic inductor. Wiring is shown under a previous post don't forget that the view from the back of the plug is mirrored with the front( I know someone who did).
The 2 text files attached need changed to (stl) system would not let me upload STLs

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