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Using casio fx-CG500 as a Digital Diary ??
07-12-2023, 07:41 AM
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RE: Using casio fx-CG500 as a Digital Diary ??
(05-13-2023 07:09 AM)Ask Mait Wrote:  Hi Dave,
Yes, you are right. I fidn that the Casio fx-CG500 desn't have QWERTY keyboard, it would have ABCD keyboard. However its predecessor fx-CG400 has got the QWERTY.
Thanks again.

There is no fx-CG400, it's the fx-CP400.

The Casio Classpad II calculators are :
- the fx-CP400+E for France
- the fx-CG500 for North America
- the fx-CP400 for the rest of the world

Don't trust numbers, the fx-CP400 is not the predecessor of the fx-CG500.
The fx-CG500 is just a special version of the fx-CP400 for North America without the Qwerty/Qwertz/Azerty key layouts, since they're forbidden for some tests.
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