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Auto Power Off
07-30-2023, 09:04 PM
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Auto Power Off
The past few days I have been running batteries down and recharging, to count how much charge they actually take, the original G2 battery was the best exceeding its specified rating, and taking 8.18Wh. 'New' S3 batteries from ebay rated at 7.9Wh got 5.2Wh of charge.

While running the batteries down in my G1, I set TDim:=8000000 and ran a program and the calculator was staying on for 6 or more hours at a time, the point is, it wasn't switching itself off while the program was running, it would turn off immediately once the program was exited or interrupted.

Now I am trying it again, and it is switching off within a matter of minutes, and when I turn it on again, the program immediately continues again.

I did let a battery completely drain last night, and the clock reset to 0, has there possibly been a setting changed that allows the device to turn off even if a program is running?
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07-30-2023, 11:02 PM
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RE: Auto Power Off
What is your TOff setting? It can be set to as little as 5 seconds. However, it should never turn off while a program is actually running. I wonder if prompting for a user input goes into idle power mode and allows automatic power-down.

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