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(TI-66) 7 Seismic Programs
09-08-2023, 12:56 PM
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(TI-66) 7 Seismic Programs
An excerpt from Acquiring Better Seismic Data, Appendix F - Short Programs for Programmable Calculators, William Carr Pritchett, Chapman and Hall, 1990, pages 364-383.

" This appendix contains seven programs to calculate:

1. apparent horizontal velocity from normal moveout,
2. differential NMO across an array and ∫0.64, ∫0.3, ∫0,
3. half of the Fresnel Zone radius,
4. uphole velocity survey corrections,
5.NMO velocity from reflection time and offset pairs,
6. sweep for a Pelton nonlinear sweep generator, and
7. sweep for a Texas Instrument nonlinear sweep generator.

These seven programs can be used separately or they can all be entered and retained for use as needed in a Texas Instruments model TI-66 programmable calculator (available in Europe). If the combined program is entered, each program is labeled and is called by its label when needed. These programs are listed at the end of this appendix. These programs can be adapted for use with other programmable calculators. Similar programs have been used with the TI-65 calculator, but only one program can be stored at a time because of its limited memory.
  Since the overall program 323 steps, it is necessary to partition the memory of the TI-66 to allow that number of steps before the combined program is entered. "

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