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(25) Basic Fluid System Analysis
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(25) Basic Fluid System Analysis
An excerpt from Basic Fluid System Analysis, G. A. Patterson, Basic Science Press, 1976

"                           INTRODUCTION
  Fluid system analysis deals primarily with determining flow rates and pressures in liquid and gaseous systems which store and transport fluids. The present work provides simplified mathematical and graphical methods for making these calculations.
  The computations set forth in this book can be performed step-by-step. In addition, the same computations are arranged in Appendix 1 as programs for a programmable pocket calculator.
  The programmable pocket calculator is a quantum jump above the electronic slide rule for the reasons that (1) all steps of the program can be entered simultaneously and a sample validity check performed, and (2) the program can be automatically repeated with incremental changes approaching natural growth and decay processes. In addition, calculator programs free the mind from repetitive elemental reasoning allowing the solutions to become more complex and representative.
  The analyst has the additional responsibility to make provisions for system safety and satisfactory operation over the required range of temperatures and other variables. This can be done by use of valves, regulators, or other devices, or by use pf proper procedures. Basic considerations are discussed with particulars to be established by the specific application.
Description of Calculator Program Methodology
1.  Liquid Pressure Drop, Turbulent Flow, Smooth Pipes
2.  Liquid Pressure Drop, Laminar Flow
3.  Liquid Pressure Drop, Turbulent Flow, Rough Pipes
4.  Gas Orifice Flow
5.  Equivalent Orifice Coefficient for Gas Line
6.  Two-Phase Flow
7.  Jet Pump Pressure Ratio for Liquid Flow
8.  Jet Pump Performance for Liquid Flow
9.  Acoustic Velocity and Surge Cycle Time
10.  Liquid Pressure Regulator Flow
11.  Tank Emptying Internal Flow
… "

HP 25 programs:
1) pg. 53
2) pg. 54
3) pg. 55
4) pg. 56
5) pg. 57
6) pg. 58
7) pg. 59
8) pg. 60
9) pg. 61
10) pg. 62
11) pg. 63

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