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Where to store some small and easy-to-loose accessories for the HP 50g
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Where to store some small and easy-to-loose accessories for the HP 50g
Dear HP community,

I'd like to share a little tip where to store some small accessories for the HP 50g which can be handy to have with you wherever you go, but are easy to forget and to loose as well:

- a brass thumb-tack to press the recessed RESET button
- a Micro-SDSC to SDSC adapter
- a Micro-SDSC to Mini-SDSC adapter
- up to two spare Micro-SDSC cards

With a bit of fiddling all these accessories fit into the battery compartment (alongside the batteries, of course ;-) ).

There are two small slots on the right side of the battery compartment for the backup CR2032 coin cell. The pin of a normally sized brass thumb-tack with flat metal head can be loosely inserted there. You just have to make sure that the pin is short enough not to reach the PCB underneath (I have tested several types with flat head, and they all were short enough, but you never know). Once the cover of the HP 50g's battery compartment (for the AAA cells) is put back on, the thumb-tack cannot come loose any more.

A Micro-SDSC to SDSC adapter (even with inserted Micro-SDSC card) can be placed on top of the cover of the CR2032 backup battery compartment, at least when the slot where to insert the Micro-SDSC card is facing to the right side (possibly touching the head of the thumb-pin there) and the adapter's cut edge is facing to the upper left corner. This is a tight fit, but it works at least for the Transcend adapter I use (from the TS2GUSD-2 set). I found actual SDSC cards to bit slightly thicker, thereby already making it difficult to close the cover again, so you might need to try different adapters or cards.

A Micro-SDSC to Mini-SDSC adapter (or a Mini-SDSC card) can be placed on top of the 4 AAA cells. Unfortunately, an SCSC adapter or card is too thick already and will make it impossible to close the battery compartment without bending or breaking the cover.

I haven't found a good place to store Micro-SDSC cards itself except for inside an adapter. They are just too small to allow being handled comfortably ...

Given that there's much room inside the HP 50g's case, it would have been better if Hewlett-Packard would have thought ahead and defined specific docking locations where to store such accessories inside the battery compartment already...



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