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Tip - for Subroutine Declaration Area of Project File
03-06-2015, 07:45 AM (This post was last modified: 03-06-2015 07:48 AM by bobkrohn.)
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Tip - for Subroutine Declaration Area of Project File
Here's what I just did
Tired of trying to lookup the required Parameters and their order
by scrolling down and trying to find the Subroutine BEGIN.
Now I show them at the top of of the File in
Subroutine Declaration Area of Project File
Probably don't need the name after the //
but I did this in a Text Editor outside of CK as an afterthought.
Wished I'd done this from the start then I would have left out repeating the name.

Also, I try to keep it in alphabetical order.

I wish there was an easier way to navigate to a specific Subroutine in the Editor.
Like the way you can when you RUN a Subroutine.
Change Order Request??


INTAA();              // INTAA(P1,Az1,P2,Az2,P3)                                      
INTAAX();             // INTAAX()                                                     
INTAD();              // INTAD(P1,Az1,P2,D2,P3)                                       
INTADX();             // INTADX()                                                     
INTDA();              // INTDA(P1,D1,P2,Az2,P3)                                       
INTDAX();             // INTDAX()                                                     
INTDD();              // INTDD(P1,D1,P2,D2,P3)                                        
INTDDX();             // INTDDX()                                                     
INTFP();              // INTFP()                                                      
INTFPX();             // INTFPX()
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