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Update to ILPer v1.52 and ILScope v1.4
09-15-2015, 05:34 PM
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Update to ILPer v1.52 and ILScope v1.4
New versions of ILPer, ILScope and the IPv6 version archive are available at

Both versions got the possibility of using a Scope frame buffer. The Scope frame buffer allows to enable the scope output without the massive transfer speed slow down normally happen with enabled scope.

By default the scope frame buffer is disabled for getting a synchronous frame output. So there's no difference to the prior versions. By changing the setting "ScopeBufferSize" you're able to speed up the transfer speed until you reach your given frame buffer size. With a value of 65536 it's possible to make a 32K ROMCOPY without significant speed loss comparing to a disabled scope output. If the scope output buffer is full, the transfer is slow down to avoid any frame miss in the scope window. To more or less instantly clear the scope buffer just disable the Scope output.

ILScope got also the possibility to disable the scope output. This allows fast data transfers (with disabled scope buffer) without removing the ILScope program from the Virtual HP-IL loop all the time.

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