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User function plot problem
02-28-2016, 11:43 AM
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User function plot problem
Hi to everyone,
I bought almost 2 day ago an hp prime caluculator, it has still the old firmware.
I need to use many time 2 functions that there aren't in hp prime, these functions are "rectangle function" and "triangle function", now they are easy to do so i programmed the prime like so:


for the rectangle function and in similar way the triangel function, now the point s that the functions works well but when i go to plot them the calculator takes some time, and when i plot many of them, traslate or something like that and then move the plot the calculator gets block and i'm forced to reset, now i don't think this is normal because the functions are really easy to plot, so maybe i'm getting wrong on something, any suggestion? Thanks for the help Smile
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