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HP calc Mag Card reader repair
03-14-2016, 09:00 AM
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HP calc Mag Card reader repair
The short version:

Been looking for 97/67/65 card reader repair services since Randy Sloyer appears to be unable to continue his business. Was wondering if folks had any experience with current eBay repair services. i.e. mechanical repairs, replacement gummy wheel etc. or fuller service such as Randy's (from what I gathered communicating with him) which included current draw and other electronic component verification/adjustment. He repaired a 67 for me.

The long version:

Was wondering if folks had any experience with current eBay repair services compared to the below.

Some time ago communicated with a eBay user PLASMOID, Richard Anthony listed as being from Placerville CA. He had a repair service:

which also applied to the 97.

He seems to have disappeared after numerous years of satisfied customers. A year ago I was a bit too busy to persue the matter. But from his feedback on eBay it appears he suddenly ceased responding to users late 2014. So I assume he is unavailable.

Trying to guage his service about 1.5 years ago asked him if he did "mechanical repairs". i.e. replaced the gummy wheel or also checked the electronics to ensure the mechanism was fully functioning mechanically and electronically. His response was:
Everything is checked.

Having rebuilt more than 600 HP-82104A card readers, I can tell you of are more than 30 things that need to be checked, restored and/or adjusted on the HP-82104A card reader. Board level repairs to the electronics where necessary. Things like module contacts and spring-switch contacts almost always need to be polished and replated, 24k gold over nickel. Noisy motors are disassembed for relubrication of both front and rear sintered bronze bearings. The reader is very carefully tested after rebuild, including current draw on read and write, and the reader is adjusted as necessary to prevent excessive current draw (a common problem; many readers appear to have left the factory assembled out-of-tolerance in this regard.)

Additional charge only for missing or badly abused components. I have a complete stock of spare parts.

About super-gluing the clutch:
A dangerous repair method which should NEVER be used. The bearings in the motor are sintered bronze, and if super glue gets into such a bearing, it is ruined and would need to be replaced. If you know of anyone using this technique, please advise them against it.

My HP-65/67 Repair Service is temporarily unavailable due to high demand, but it will be relisted, hopefully before the end of the year.

Please let me know if you have additional questions.

Best regards,

Does anyone know of any repair services which match the level above or of Randy Sloyer's?

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03-15-2016, 12:51 AM
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RE: HP calc Mag Card reader repair
Adam Jones is still advertising repair service.
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