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Exam Mode - HP Connectivity kit
07-29-2016, 02:56 PM (This post was last modified: 07-29-2016 03:06 PM by StephanP.)
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Exam Mode - HP Connectivity kit
While experimenting with the Exam mode today I noticed that there is a disconnect between de HP Connectivity Kit and (my) HP Prime.

I define a new Exam mode in the Connectivity Kit, say "Test mode 1", with Timeout=30min, Memory=Erase and some configuration settings. Shortly after, the new "Test Mode 1" appears as one of the selectable Exam Modes on my HP Prime. BUT: the timeout and other settings that I made have NOT been transferred. On my HP Prime, the new "Test Mode 1" holds the default values: 15min, keep, no config.

If I start the Exam mode from the Connectivity kit, then the HP Prime appears to have received the right settings, e.g. CAS disabled. Yet the configuration on the Prime device continues to shows no configuration.

If I define the new Exam Mode on the HP Prime based upon the Custom Mode and copied to another name, and send to the PC, then all is fine on both sides.

Well, somehow in all experimenting I've ended up with a 2nd Custom Mode on my HP Prime, which I cannot seem to remove.

If I change the Language setting of my HP Prime, then not only there are 2 Custom Modes, but all my additional Exam Modes are listed twice.

Finally, in Dutch language the Exam Mode entry "Memory" is wrongly translated with "Memória" (Spanish/Italian/Portuguese?). In Dutch this should be "Geheugen".

PS. If I password protect an Exam Mode definition, then the Security Code is removed. I don't understand this logic.
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