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New HP-41CL roms available
11-11-2016, 04:13 PM
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New HP-41CL roms available
Check Monte's site or TOS.

Thanks to the original authors, to Jackie Woldering (and Jake Schwartz) for their wonderful compilation of PPC Journal programs into formats that are easily converted to .raw files (what? You don't have that material? Email Jake!) and of course as always, thanks to Angel for his extreme patience with my requests!

TEST - Test Statistics Solutions book, 4K. This is an update that has added programs to it.
--- EGYPT - Egyptian fractions from the PPC Journal V10N10P30.
--- LIX - Linear Exponential Curve Fit from PPC Journal V9N7P15.
--- QUEUE - a massive Queuing Statistics Program from PPC Journal V9N4P93

PPC9 - PPC Statistics rom, 4K. This includes even more statistics oriented programs from the PPC Journal that should be preserved due to their length and utility. Many of these use the PPC ROM routines extensively.
--- CPM - Critical Path Project Planning from PPC Journal V9N7P60
--- CC - Subprogram in CF8P that estimates Y from an X value
--- CF8E - HP-41C_Least_Squares_Regression to degree 8 Entry -from PPC Journal V10N2P16
--- CF8P - HP-41C_Least_Squares_Regression to degree 8 program - from PPC Journal V10N2P15
--- CV+ - HP-41C_Curve_Fit_Stat_Inference from PPC Journal V10N2P21
--- TF - Subprogram in CV+ that approximates F and t distributions
--- Matrix Linear Regression routines - _HP-41C Matrix Least Squares Routines from PPC Journal V9N7P25
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