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Hello hp-prime developer group

[REQUEST/IDEA] DYNAMIC LINK: Dynamic Mathematics for Learning and Teaching
PURPOSE: For example you could write apps similar to those that incorporates the hp-prime

HP-Prime have dinamic link, but only for apps now =(

Quadratic Explorer App with dinamic link
[Image: QuadraticExplorerApp_hp_prime_image01.png]

Linear Explorer App with dinamic link
[Image: LinearExplorerApp_hp_prime_image01.png]

pdf info on DYNAMIC LINK Some Possible Objects dynamically linked between the algebra window/view and the 2D graphics window/view

Variety of problems require at least two views or partitions of screen, the TI68K, TInspire, ClassPad calculators, GeoGebra and others CAS, have DYNAMIC LINK. For this is required at least a screen divided into 2 parts, I hope that the development group will take this into account

TI68K Screen Capture
[Image: split_view_ti68k_image00.png]

Wolfram Mathematica
[Image: triangleSolver_app_image05.jpg]

[Image: QuadraticExplorerApp_GeoGebra_image00.png]
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