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(35S) Complex number composing/entry tip. (Not a program)
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(35S) Complex number composing/entry tip. (Not a program)
I though this fits better here than in general section although this is only a pretty general level tip involving the complex numbers, but I can not remember that I have seen it on the manuals.

If you found yourself in situation where you do want to enter complex number formed from two calculated parts you might end up wondering how to do it in HP35s since it doesn't have (as far as I know) "make complex" command like 42S where the complex number is created from the parts in the stack.

This trick should work also in many other (atleast HP) calculators, since it uses the polynomial nature of the rectangular complex representation of the complex number and how the calculator handles it when you press the i-symbol, which have default value of 0+j1 and the fact that stack contains normally only a realnumbers which are same as the realpart of the complex number.

This might be handy in a) programs b) in situation where you do need to use some long decimal number calculated from the expression like 5/sqrt(2)≈3,5355339059
At first you have no option since 35S do want complex symbol between the numbers, but there is really easy way to enter this from parts in the stack.

First we need the imaginary part to be calculated to the stack 3,5355...
Then press i and multiply it with the imaginary part in Y-register.
This will result to calculation (0+j1)*3,5355...=(0*3,5355...+j1*3,5355...)=0+j3,5355...
Next step naturally is to calculate the real part of your complex number.
Then to finalise the complex number you were creating by adding (just use plus symbol) to add the real part to the complex representation. 0+j3,5355... + 3,5355...+j0 = (0+3,5355)+(j0+j3,5355)=3,5355...+j3,5355...

Works on both display modes, unfortunately it seems to me that the polar form symbol doesn't do the trick.

Happy holidays!
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