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[Beta FW]Bode/Black/Nyquist Apps test and improvements request
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[Beta FW]Bode/Black/Nyquist Apps test and improvements request
You will find in attachment five Apps:

[Image: show.php?id=120920]

SDLCI (System Dynamic Linear Continuous Invariant) is the master one and basically you should not start from the others.
Here you can define Laplace transfert functions in term of 'X' without approx number but only exact numbers. If you want to place a delay term exp(-a*X) you need to place it at the and of the expression like in the F3(X) example below...

Read the "info" key inside the SLDCI App and inside the Bode App.

[Image: show.php?id=120921]

Then press the "plot" key and choose:

- Bode Plot App is where you can see the gain and the phase... Always in abscissa you have x=LOG(w) where w is the pulsation in rad/s.
- Black Plot gain vs phase.
- Nyquist plot parametric curves: x(Log(w))=Re(H(j*w)) and y(Log(w))=Im(H(j*w)). In parametric plot Black and Nyquist the T range contain Log(w) so you can explore pulsation from nearest 0+ to +infty... Only.
- Step response

Basically you can use all the tools under the "view" key and the power of function app (roots/ intersec/extrema...) for Bode and step response... In parametric plot unfortunately, we do not have such tools... It would be interesting to see this App improved in the future FW (intersections between curves, with the axis of abscissae or ordinates...)

[Image: show.php?id=120922]
[Image: show.php?id=120924]
[Image: show.php?id=120923]
[Image: show.php?id=120925]
[Image: show.php?id=120926]

When you are in the plot or num screen you can press:

- SYMB key to return on function transfert definitions symb view;
- shift blue SYMB to jump to another plot.

It is not very polish yet but it works... I need to rework some functions like "compute_module ()"; "computes_Nyquist() ... to better exploit CAS capabilities and produce faster expressions to trace.

For this type of applications I would like to make some suggestions for a future firmware.
On my wish list :

-Please add the possibility to hide some app by encapsulating them in the master application.

- I would like to be able, in an application based on the functionApp or parametricApp , to program the drawing of graphical elements (circles, lines, text...) in the graphical coordinates space of the plotter. So that these graphics elements adapt dynamically when dragging or zooming by touching screen in the plot area...

- Actually we have a START() App function where we put the code that must be executed when launching an application... It seems to me that it would be useful to have a command "just_before_going_out()" where we could put the code to be executed before the exit of an application.

- In this test I did not choose to place the "choose switching box" to the different plots under the "view" key since it is dedicated to multiple options useful for the adaptation of the plot. In addition, when you are in plot screen the Plot() key command is inactive ... Then I have chosen"shift blue Symb" key to switch from a plot to another one... If you add your own "view" command you make tools disappear like the automatic scale... Then you have to recode it with the STARTVIEW(10,1) for example... I would like to be able to choose to keep (or not keep) these classic tools even when I add my own "view" commands. And to avoid that the list is then too long it would be useful to be able to get a hierarchical first level of drop-down list at the first press of the view button to categorize the commands. Here for example a first press on the key will then propose:

1-choice of plot
2-adaptation of the plot

Thanks for reading and a thousand thanks to the HP team because this little machine is really great !

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12-09-2017, 05:15 AM
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RE: [Beta FW]Bode/Black/Nyquist Apps test and improvements request
Good job, excellent!
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12-09-2017, 10:17 AM (This post was last modified: 12-09-2017 12:56 PM by dg1969.)
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RE: [Beta FW]Bode/Black/Nyquist Apps test and improvements request
(12-09-2017 05:15 AM)math7 Wrote:  Good job, excellent!
Thanks... I put this thread late last night ... "quickly done wrong done"... I apologize ... I just rewrite the first post and try to improve my text ...
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