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AFiles problem - ji3m - 10-23-2015 12:41 AM

If I store an object such as AFiles ("name") := obj it works fine.

I can then reload it with xyz := AFiles ("name");

Ok. But just using AFiles () produce an empty list {} and not a
list of files as i would have expected.

Now the problem I'm having is that using

AFiles ("aname") where it doesnt exist produces a system error
which breaks the code.
There seems to be no way to determine if
a stored object exists.

Do i really gave to use an error trap just to determine the
existence of a stored object ?

RE: AFiles problem - Tyann - 10-23-2015 04:54 AM


AFiles() retourne bien la liste des variables crées avec AFiles("nom"),
mais AFiles est liée à l'application active.
Si vous changez d'application, il faut utiliser Application.AFiles()
Espérant vous avoir aidé.


Afiles () returns the list of well variables created with Afiles ( "name") ,
Afiles but is related to the active application.
If you change your application, you must use Application.AFiles ()
Hoping you have helped.

RE: AFiles problem - ji3m - 10-23-2015 11:31 AM

Yet another bug in android prime.

RE: AFiles problem - Tim Wessman - 10-23-2015 05:22 PM

I've passed it along...