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Code section TAB test
12-30-2019, 06:28 PM
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RE: Code section TAB test
(12-30-2019 01:14 PM)Joe Horn Wrote:  Never use tabs for anything on the web. Use explicit spaces instead, like this:

         1         2         3         4         5
a       a       a       a       a
ab      ab      ab      ab      ab
abc     abc     abc     abc     abc
abcd    abcd    abcd
abcde   abcde   abcde
abcdef  abcdef  abcdef
abcdefg abcdefg abcdefg

This actually is a Good Thing, since tab width is variable and therefore unpredictable in plain-text files, whereas spaces are predictable in code blocks in this forum.

Hi Joe, I'm aware of that. The issue of tab stops not lining up came up in a recent thread, so I just created this thread to demonstrate the current behaviour.

In theory, it is fixable in the MyBB PHP code (and it would be great if it that also had an option to set the tab width, using something like [code tabwidth=8], for example), although I'm not expecting it to get fixed. The PHP code would just need to work out how many   entities to emit for each TAB character, instead of always emitting exactly four   entities.

— Ian Abbott
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