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Test rpz 1 (trying to load a photo)
11-02-2020, 05:56 PM
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RE: Test rpz 1 (trying to load a photo)
Understand now that the problem is static vs dynamic, webpage vs image address. In Onedrive the only relevant menu options are share and embed, neither of which work. When I click on the photo and then r-click shows copy image address. Still not working for me. Tried icloud and dropbox and a bunch of work arounds with no luck.

But Dave, you did it. If I copy image address of your posted gear photo I can copy image address and insert image. How did you do that?

Went back to my first post. Click on link and see gear photo. R-click and copy image address. Goto this post, insert image, paste image address:

[Image: 20201020_133453%20RPZ.jpeg?psid=1&am...eight=2628]

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