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Update of Virtual HP-IL devices
12-02-2015, 03:51 AM
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RE: Update of Virtual HP-IL devices
(12-01-2015 06:28 PM)Christoph Giesselink Wrote:  
(11-27-2015 07:25 AM)charger73 Wrote:  (Kleiner Verbesserungsvorschlag für Video-Emulator: Wenn der Videoemulator im Scope (Aktiv) ist, kann man ihn mit der "ESC" Taste ungewollt beenden. Passiert mir sehr oft.
Ich denke, ich bin im Emu71 drücke die [ON] Taste. (ESC) - dann schliesst ungewollt der Video Monitor.)

Hi Tobie,

that's a problem (pressing the ESC key quits application) in general.

All ILxxx programs are so called "Modal Dialogs" (Windows speech) and have a special behavior. The ESC key is hard wired with the IDCANCEL message, the same message called by the [x] button on top right of the window. It's the same type like the "About Emu71..." Dialog inside Emu71. I found no possibilty to disable this behavior because the behavior of the ESC key is part of the design guidelines for dialogs and so cannot be modified easily.

The difference to Emu71/Win is, Emu71/Win is a so called "MainFrame" and not a Dialog Application. In a "MainFrame" Application the ESC isn't hard wired, so I can capture the ESC key event and use it for own purpose.

Indeed, this is a frustrating aspect (albeit minor) of using ILPer, as we are all used to hitting ESC for the ON key in Emu71/Win, and when focus is on ILPer, it kills it...

I guessed that this is what Tobie had commented on (I could see ESC, but don't read German) but was not sure, thanks for clarifying in English Christoph.

I've seen this issue with many other small utilities built using the same framework, and I've also consistently seen the same comments that there is no way to change it, without reworking the entire app.

I have installed ILPer v2.0 and it's a delight to use. Much simpler, and much less screen space, than ILPILBox, and 2 x ILPer, and the other clients. VERY NICE!!

I have not tested exhaustively, but so far have found no serious issues running with both virtual loops and physical loops with the PILBox.

One minor difference I've noted, is if I close ILPer but leave my 71B (connected via PILBox) on, then restart ILPer, and attempt to do a CAT :TAPE, it reports there is no media installed. Doing RESTORE IO corrects the problem.

If I power down the 71B, close ILPer, restart ILPer, then power-on the 71B and do CAT :TAPE, it works fine. I'm not 100% certain this is different from V1.52, but I believe it is.

I shall continue testing and report any other issues here.

This new version of ILPer is a significant improvement and will allow many users to more easily use multiple drives.

Many thanks to Christoph and Jean-Francois for raising the bar!!

--Bob Prosperi
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