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A few points on the HP Prime wiki
10-17-2017, 12:42 PM
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A few points on the HP Prime wiki
I just want to encourage people to use and add to the wiki at

There are many documentation tasks that would be very useful if someone has the tools and time to do it. For example, there is a link to what looks like a great Prime CAS manual in the Programming Documentation section in the wiki, but it's written in French. I've tried to get it translated using every online tool available to me but they all have size limitations that don't allow me to translate to english. If someone has membership in one of those sites and can do it and has the time, please do so. Maybe HP might pay to get it done? It'd be a great document to have in english. It's located here:

The next thing I want to mention is that in the Programming Documentation section of the Prime wiki, I have a page entitled CAS vs Home and another entitled Miscellaneous Tips. Both of these are for tips that can be described in a few lines. The CAS vs Home is for tips related to the differences between CAS and Home (like the fact that in CAS it's preferred to index into lists using [] square brackets, while in Home mode you must use () round brackets). Miscellaneous Tips is a new page I've added for anything general or not CAS vs Home related. Right now there is only one tip there (T:=""+V; does the same as T:=STRING(V); but STRING is faster and uses less RAM). If a tip requires more than a few lines and maybe has a utility function defined, then it can have it's own page created like the POLAR/RECTANGULAR page just added. I just want to encourage people to add tips to these pages or create new ones as appropriate if you have the time and the tips. The idea is to cover subjects that are either undocumented or poorly documented. There are descriptions on the page on how to do all this. All you need to do is register and ask the admin, Bruce Bergman to give you the right permissions. His email is here:

If you have tips and you just don't have the time, or that translated document, then just email it to me. My email is linked to from the wiki too (at the top of the page).

I just want to encourage others to get involved in this. Maybe you just got done programming a particular function and you encountered a few problems and had to jump through a few hoops to get there. Then share the solutions you used to get over these hoops. We really are interested. The more of us that do this, the better, and the better community we can have for the Prime.

'nuff said :-)
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