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FRAM71 for HP-71B
04-12-2014, 09:25 PM
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RE: FRAM71 for HP-71B
The FRAM71 is a fantastic addition to the 71B. It will displace you card reader but you will hardly miss it. Thanks to Hans' wonderful creation, I now have a 71B running the latest version of firmware, a fully functional forth/assembler module as as much RAM as I can possibly cram into a 71B. With all that RAM available, the contents of ROM modules may be loaded as a lex file (I have done this with the math module) or loaded into a freed port (as I did with the soft part of the forth module). One nice thing about putting things into a freed port is the FRAM memory that Hans uses is non-volitile so it will even survive if power is removed completely, whne you restore power the contents will be intact and the OS will recognize it as a freed port and leave it as it.
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